’80s Ladies…and Gents

Glamour shots of the era’s top stars in all their glory


Mario Casilli

By Tony Nourmand & Peter Doggett

Hardcover, 192 pages ($49.95, Reel Art Press)

One of the premier glamour photographers of the ’80s, Casilli started out at Playboy and ended up shooting covers for TV Guide, where he made almost all the stars of the times shine in all their big-haired, shoulder-padded, rainbow-colored glory. This collection of his work, which includes full-page portraits of Joan Collins, David Hasselhoff, Morgan Fairchild, Suzanne Somers, Brooke Shields, Vanna White, The Bee Gees, the casts of Dynasty, Dallas, Miami Vice and  Knight Rider, and dozens of other celebrities, captures the rich, extravagant, enviable beauty of the era’s most elegant pop-cultural ambassadors.

—Neil Pond, American Profile Magazine

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