Mutty Minds

Ever wonder what your grumpy old dog is thinking?


Dogs With Old Man Faces

By Tom Cohen

Hardcover, 144 pages ($13.95, Running Press)

This whimsical picture book pairs photos of canines “of a certain age” with witty, crotchety captions that speculate what might very well be going through their mutty minds. Well, it might be, if dogs were as people-like as people wanted them to be. Examples: “Gus got Grecian Forumla in his eye.” “Frank is waiting for the prune juice to kick in.” “Chet is still upset they cancelled Matlock.” It’s guaranteed to put a big, speculative smile on every dog lover’s face—and offer a whole new perspective on what we’d like to think could be going on behind the furry muzzles, grey whiskers and big, old experienced eyes of almost any pooch for whom puppyhood is but a memory.

—Neil Pond, American Profile Magazine

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