Go, Dog, Go

Examining the long tale of the hot dog wiener

Man Bites Dog

Man Bites Dog

By Bruce Kraig & Patty Carroll

Softcover, 200 pages, $19.95 (Rowman Publishing)

Summer is the season for hot dogs, and so it’s perfect time to check out this book going deep into the world of the wiener, exploring just how those humble little links grew up to become such powerful icons of all-American culture. The author, a respected “hot dog scholar,” examines franks from one end to the other, looking at their history and lore, the places where they’re sold, the people who market them from stands and pushcarts, and the simple, mouth-stretching pleasures they’ve always promised. Rich with information as well as color photos, it also includes 25 pages of recipes and suggested toppings.


—Neil Pond, American Profile Magazine

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3 thoughts on “Go, Dog, Go

  1. Patty says:

    Thank you for featuring us, but you spelled Bruce’s last name incorrectly. It is Kraig, not Craig! Thanks, Patty

  2. Bruce Kraig says:

    Many thanks for the mention. Now have a doggie while looking at Patty’s fabulous art.

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