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Pedal People

A super-cool celebration of the Big Apple’s biker population

New York Bike Style cover

New York Bike Style

By Sam Polcer

Softcover, 224 pages

$29.95 (Prestel)


In New York, one of our most always-on-the-go cities, a lot of the going is on two wheels. The bike-friendly Big Apple’s avid cyclist population is celebrated in this collection of images by photographer Sam Polcer, whose popular blog,, also attests to his favorite way of getting around town. ­Every photo—of commuters, BMX kids, fashionistas and a spectrum of other pedalers and pumpers from all the city’s five boroughs—is accompanied by a caption with the subject’s name, what kind of bike they’re riding, where the picture was taken, and where they’re heading. Riding a bike never looked so cool.


—Neil Pond, American Profile Magazine

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Books & Beauty

A photographic tribute to libraries and the treasures they hold

The Public Library

The Public Library

By Robert Dawson

Hardcover, 192 pages, $35 (Princeton Architectural Press)


Photographer Robert Dawson spent nearly 20 years crisscrossing the country and clicking away inside and outside public libraries of all shapes and sizes, from majestic urban cathedrals to humble remote house trailers. In addition to hundreds of evocative color and black and white images, this beautiful collection of his work features a foreword by Bill Moyers, an afterword by Ann Patchett, and essays, letters and poetry celebrating libraries and reading by Anne Lamont, Amy Tan, E.B. White, Dr. Seuss and others. It’s a literary feast for the eyes and food for the soul for anyone who loves books and appreciates libraries for the treasures they hold.

—Neil Pond, American Profile Magazine

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West Coast Wavelength

L.A.’s sizzling sounds in pop music’s formative years

Turn Up the Radio Final

Turn Up The Radio: Rock, Pop, and Roll in Los Angeles 1956-1972

By Harvey Kubernik

Hardcover, 336 pages, $45 (Santa Monica Press)


Fans of classic rock will flip over this treasure trove of photos, interviews and other insider info about how the sizzling sounds of Southern California spread to the rest of America—and the rest of the world. This lovingly detailed illustrated narrative shines the spotlight on the Doors, the Beach Boys, the Byrds, the Rolling Stones, Frank Zappa, Sonny & Cher, The Monkees, Elvis Presley and other acts that made the L.A. scene such a hotbed for performers of the era, plus the producers, recording engineers, studio musicians, DJs and others pivotal to the popular music’s formative West Coast years.

—Neil Pond, American Profile Magazine

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Feel the surf, taste the brine in this photographic tour of coastal fishing

Salt-Coastal and Fly Fishing

Salt: Coastal & Flats Fishing

Photography by Andy Anderson

Hardcover $55 (Rizzoli International)


Lean into the sea breeze, taste the brine, feel the tug of the tide: This handsome collection of 180 large-size, full-color images—and essays by fly-fishing expert and author Tom Rosenbauer—takes you on a guided tour of America’s top fishing hot spots. You may not actually be the one wading into the surf, casting the line and hauling in the striped bass, tuna, and tarpon in New England, the Pacific Northwest, the Bahamas, the Gulf Coast and the Florida Keys. But as you lose yourself in this vividly illustrated ode to the sheer joy of fishing, you might easily forget you’re not really there.

—Neil Pond, American Profile Magazine

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Play Time

Poignant portraits of kids and their favorite playthings


Toy Stories

By Gabriele Galimberti

Hardcover, 110 pages ($24, Abrams Image)


The premise is simple enough: kids and their toys. But photographer Galimberti, who spent three years traveling the world for this project, brings out a spectrum of diversity—and makes a poignant statement about the universality of play—in these 54 meticulously posed portraits of individual children from America, India, China, Fiji, Iceland and dozens of other countries posing with their favorite dolls, games, stuffed animals, plastic guns, action figures, balls and bats or other tokens of activity, companionship and imagination.


—Neil Pond, American Profile Magazine

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Meow Wow

Tips to turn your kitty-cat into an online sensation  

How To Make Your Cat An Internet Celebrity

How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity

By Patricia Carlin

Photography by Dustin Fenstermacher

Softcover $12.95 (Quirk Books) / Kindle edition $9.99

Anyone with a computer knows that cats rule the Internet these days. So why not capitalize on the kitty craze? This humorous how-to manual shows you how to turn your feline into an online hit—and potential financial fur ball—with step-by-step instructions on picking out a “stage name,” setting up photos, shooting a viral video, selecting costumes and other props, and determining your cat’s purr-sonality (e.g., sweet baby, lazy bum, daredevil, moron, crazy). Don’t have a cat? Don’t worry—you’ll still howl at the outrageously funny photos and go-for-it advice.

 —Neil Pond, American Profile Magazine

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The Disappearing Doggie

Can you locate the well-concealed canine?

Find Momo

Find Momo

By Andrew Knapp

Softcover, $14.95 (Quirk Books)

Also available for Kindle, $10.49


A few years ago, the author-photographer discovered how much his border collie, Momo, loved playing hide-and-seek. After Knapp began posting photos online of his adorable pooch peeking out from all kinds of settings, Momo soon was an Internet sensation with more than 100,000 Instagram followers (@ #findmomo). Now Momo’s got his own book, with even more delightful, artfully created challenges for dog lovers to find the canny canine in New York City’s Central Park, snow banks, lake waters, a roadside wood pile, the diorama of an outdoor shop, and dozens of other colorful Where’s Waldo?-esque locations.

—Neil Pond, American Profile Magazine

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The City of Angels

A photo-packed paean to America’s West Coast icon

Los Angeles

Los Angeles

By David L. Ulin

Hardcover, 572 pages / $69.99 (Taschen)

Ulin, the books editor for the Los Angeles Times, hosts this golly-whopping historical sweep to present an extraordinary depiction of the City of Angels, from the first known photograph ever taken of the shantytown that would become L.A. in 1862 to the modern-day urban metroplex it is today. Packed with more than 500 images from  photographers, archives and collectors, plus accompanying decade-by-decade  essays, it’s a sprawling, spectacular paean to one of America’s most iconic cities and its many contributions to world, cast in all its grit and greatness.

—Neil Pond, American Profile Magazine

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Save the Chimps

Proceeds of book go to world’s largest chimpanzee rehab sanctuary  

Opening Doors

Opening Doors

By Gary Ferguson

Hardcover, 176 pages ($24.95, Save The Chimps)

Chronicling the trials as well as the triumphs of rescuing and rehabbing abused, neglected chimpanzees from labs, roadside “attractions” and even backyards, this chronicle of the work of primatologist Dr. Carole Noon will warm the hearts of animal lovers of all kinds. With more than 250 photos of chimps playing, socializing, relaxing, enjoying life or simply looking into the camera, it’s easy to understand why, as Noon says, “chimpanzees are amazing people.” All proceeds from the sale of the book go toward the funding of her Save the Chimps foundation, the world’s largest chimpanzee sanctuary, in Ft. Pierce, Fla.

—Neil Pond, American Profile Magazine

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Pioneering Photojournalism

Dorothea Lange depicted the Depression—and launched an art form

Dorothea Lange

Dorothea Lange: Grab a Hunk of Lightning

By Elizabeth Partridge

Hardcover, 192 pages ($50, Chronicle Books)

Lange’s groundbreaking work with a camera put human faces on the calamity and suffering of Great Depression—and planted the seeds for what would become the art form of documentary photography. Her iconic work is celebrated in this handsome, career-spanning collection, which includes more than 100 reproductions of her images and an introductory biography essay by Partridge, her goddaughter, which takes readers through the full, fascinating life of one of America’s most influential photojournalists, who died in 1965.

—Neil Pond, American Profile Magazine

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