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Finding Life’s ‘Lighter Side’

Celebrating the career-spanning satire of ‘MAD’ artist Dave Berg

BERG JACKET_Layout 1Berg was, indeed, one of the most prolific, most popular illustrators in the history of MAD Magazine—his contributions ran in almost every issue from 1957 until his death in 2002. This comprehensive coffee-table collection brings together not only his wide-ranging “The Lighter Side Of…” strips, which lampooned a spectrum of mid-20 century American life in all it marvelous messiness, but also dozens of his lesser-known earlier cartoons, and his later satirical jabs at big business, computers, religion, the controversy over guns and other modern-day topics.

—Neil Pond, American Profile Magazine

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What, Me Worry?

Celebrity guests, staffers celebrate the gonzo genius of MAD magazine

Inside MAD Cover.inddInside MAD

By the Writers and Editors of MAD Magazine

Hardcover, 256 pages ($29.95 / Time Home Entertainment)

To celebrate its 61st rascally year, the irreverent humor magazine asked a host of celebrities (including Rosanne Barr, Ken Burns, Dane Cook, Ice-T, George Lopez, Jeff Probst and John Stamos) to ponder its zany influences on their lives, and also rounded up some of the best work from a host of its hall-of-fame cartoonists and writers (Sergio Aragonés, Jack Davis, Dick DeBartolo, Mort Drucker, Al Jaffee). It’s a treasure trove of “What, me worry?” rediscovery for anyone who ever snickered to MAD mascot Alfred E. Newman’s ever-changing world of skewered pop culture, politics, entertainment and public figures.

—Neil Pond, American Profile Magazine

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