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Cosmic Cowboy

An intimate portrait of America’s most famous astronaut

Neil Armstrong-A Life of Flight

Neil Armstrong: A Life of Flight

By Jay Barbree

Hardcover, 364 pages

$27.99 / Kindle edition $12.74 (July 8, Thomas Dunne Books)


Barbree, an Emmy-winning broadcaster and space reporter, was also a longtime friend of America’s most famous astronaut, the first person to walk on the moon. His richly detailed profile of Armstrong, who died in 2012, is timed to coincide with the 45th anniversary of his subject’s historic 1969 mission and covers Armstrong’s life and career with intimacy, humor and heart, from his days as a U.S. Navy pilot through his training for the NASA space program, and ultimately into the commander’s seat of Apollo 11. Space hounds and history buffs will dig it, for sure, but even casual readers will be riveted by its comprehensive portrait of a real-life cosmic cowboy who broke the bonds of Earth and put the first American footprint where it had never been before.

—Neil Pond, American Profile Magazine

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Up, Up and Away

Mission_to_Mars2 Moon man is ready for the next milestone

Mission to Mars

By Buzz Aldrin

Hardcover, 258 pages ($26, National Geographic)

Aldrin, 83, walked on the moon with Neil Armstrong in 1969. Now he advocates continued exploration of our solar system, laying out a detailed plan for getting Americans to the next milestone, Mars. He also discusses the history of space flight and the space program with riveting first-person detail and insight, and candidly addresses the politics, commerce and private enterprise on which he contends future space exploration will depend. For a subject so far-out, this former space pioneer makes it all sound so downright do-able and down to earth.

—Neil Pond, American Profile Magazine

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