Getting to Know Hue

How color pervades our lives and shapes the way we react with the world

TheSecretLanguageOfColor_1The Secret Language of Color

By Joann Eckstut & Arielle Eckstut

Hardcover, 240 pages ($29.95, Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers)

Is the grass really greener on the other side of the fence? Why could wearing purple once get you killed? What artificial coloring scheme got Starbucks in hot water? These and hundreds of other questions are answered in this deeply entertaining, engrossing and educational dive into the physics, chemistry, astronomy, neuroscience, geology, botany, zoology, psychology, linguistics, anthropology, history, art, biology and sociology that create the spectrum of ways color pervades our lives—and shapes our view of reality. To quote (as the authors do) the 19th century French painter John Cézanne: “Color is the place where our brain and the universe meet.”

—Neil Pond, American Profile Magazine

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