One Thing Leads To Another

Stripping away the fluff of life’s most significant milestones

Life in Five Seconds

Life in Five Seconds

By Matteo Civaschi & Gianmarco Milesi

Softcover, 256 pages ($14.95, Quercus Books)


Life is short—there’s no time to waste bogged down in boring details. This whimsical breakdown takes some 200 events, cultural milestones, inventions, iconic places, and significant men and women throughout history…and pares away all the fluff, reducing them all to often-hilarious minimalist “pictographs” in which one thing leads naturally to another. The best way to use the book, suggests the authors, is as a quirky brain teaser: Look at the illustrations, then try to guess: Is it Frankenstein, Joan of Arc, the Great Wall of China, or sushi? Have fun…and maybe learn something, too!

—Neil Pond, American Profile Magazine

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