Loved to Pieces

Heartwarming portraits of childhood holdovers hugged to tatters


Much Loved

Photographs by Mark Nixon

Hardcover, 124 pages ($17.95, Abrams Image)

Inspired by the unconditional, unbounded attachment of his young son to his stuffed Peter Rabbit, photographer Mark Nixon began seeking out other people’s snuggly childhood holdovers, eventually amassing these 65 quirky, charming and heartwarming portraits of teddy bears, bunnies and other furry friends, all of them hugged, squeezed, kissed and carted around to tatters. Each one is accompanied by a brief bio (like “Edward,” the stately 104-year-old Steiff teddy bear rescued from a cruel fate by Dublin’s Dolls Hospital, or “Flopsie,” a 6-year-old bunny whose owner’s aunt, a nurse, put a bandage on his leg to keep its stuffing from falling out), and the back page includes a blank spot for the reader to include a photo of his or her own favorite childhood stuffed companion, and record its history.

—Neil Pond, American Profile Magazine

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