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Bill Cosby returns to the stage for first TV special in 30 years

Bill Cosby_FarFromFinished


Bill Cosby: Far From Finished

DVD $16.99 / Blu-ray $19.99 (Paramount Home Video / Comedy Central)

The legendary funnyman, 76, returns to the TV stage for his first comedy special in almost 30 years, riffing in front of a live audience in his easygoing, storytelling way on love, marriage, family, kids and the little speed bumps he’s encountered on the road of life—and making it all sound hilarious. Directed with cinematic smoothness by Hollywood actor-director-producer Robert Townsend, it’s a laugh-filled 90 minutes with an old friend, whose rubbery, riotous facial expressions make the words coming out of his mouth even funnier. Bonus features include an interview with Cosby, a behind-the-scenes look at the taping, and comments from fans.

 —Neil Pond, American Profile Magazine

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