Defensive Tackle

Perry Mason returns to the job in box set of TV movies


Perry Mason Movie Collection

DVD ($58.99, Paramount Home Video)

When the TV courtroom closed in 1966 after nine contentious seasons, Hollywood’s unflappable defense attorney went on hiatus for actor Raymond Burr to guest-star in other TV shows and movies, and even play another attorney in Ironsides (1967-75). But he eventually returned to the role that made him famous. A bit more grizzled than he was back in the black-and-white days, Perry nonetheless still has the stuff as he represent his former secretary (Barbara Hale) when she’s accused of murder (!) and digs into five other keep-you-guessing, cloak-and-dagger cases in this roundup of full-length TV movies from the mid-’80s.

—Neil Pond, American Profile Magazine

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