The Disappearing Doggie

Can you locate the well-concealed canine?

Find Momo

Find Momo

By Andrew Knapp

Softcover, $14.95 (Quirk Books)

Also available for Kindle, $10.49


A few years ago, the author-photographer discovered how much his border collie, Momo, loved playing hide-and-seek. After Knapp began posting photos online of his adorable pooch peeking out from all kinds of settings, Momo soon was an Internet sensation with more than 100,000 Instagram followers (@ #findmomo). Now Momo’s got his own book, with even more delightful, artfully created challenges for dog lovers to find the canny canine in New York City’s Central Park, snow banks, lake waters, a roadside wood pile, the diorama of an outdoor shop, and dozens of other colorful Where’s Waldo?-esque locations.

—Neil Pond, American Profile Magazine

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