Still the Champ

‘Rocky’ six-pack proves palooka’s staying power

Rocky Heavyweight Collection

Rocky Heavyweight Collection

Blu-ray $59.99 (20th Century Fox Home Entertainment)


You can’t keep Hollywood’s most iconic palooka down, and he certainly goes the distance in this roundup of all six Rocky movies, from Sylvester Stallone’s original underdog saga that got it all started (1976) to his out-of-retirement comeback in Rocky Balboa (2006). A generous array of extras makes this a true knockout for fans of the franchise: commentary from Stallone; the actor’s appearance on a 1976 episode of Dinah!; a three-part making-of documentary; multiple behind-the-scenes features; a tribute to actor Burgess Meredith; and an interview with cigar-chomping boxing writer and sports historian Bert Sugar.


—Neil Pond, American Profile Magazine

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