‘Sorcerer’ Returns

Roy Scheider stars in director William Friedkin’s ’70s cult thriller



Blu-ray $27.95 / DVD $12.96 (Warner Home Video)


This 1977 thriller from director William Friedkin, who was coming off an Oscar-winning hot streak of The French Connection and The Exorcist, wove together four desperate characters in a suspenseful saga about international refugees in a South American jungle hellhole who take on a dangerous job for hire because each of them had nothing else to lose. It was never a big hit, maybe because it only had one recognizable star (Roy Jaws Scheider), possibly because audiences were misled by the title to expect something “supernatural” from the director who’d just made a film about the devil. It did go on, however, to find a cult following, and this new Blu-ray restoration—which comes with a 40-page book of color photos from the production—brings it back to all its grungy glory and sweat-soaked ’70s splendor.

—Neil Pond, American Profile Magazine

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