Psych Out

A search through the centuries to find out what makes us tick

The Psychology Book

The Psychology Book

By Wade E. Pickren

Hardcover, 528 pages, $29.95 (Sterling Publishing)


While this isn’t exactly a breezy summer beach read, it’s also far from the suffocating textbook you might expect when you hear that it’s a “history of psychology.” A bountiful, balanced mixture of text and illustrations, it’s an engrossing, time-lined encyclopedia of 250 milestones in study of human behavior, from ancient practices through contemporary concepts and principles, making them all easy to understand and showing why they’re significant, from prehistoric fortune-telling to modern neuroscience. For science buffs or even armchair browsers, it’s a fascinating core sample into the centuries of searching for answers about what makes us tick.


—Neil Pond, American Profile Magazine

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