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Manners, By George!

Navigating the social world, with a little help from our first president

What Would George Do

What Would George Do?

By Nan Marshall & Helen Broder

Softcover, 134 pages ($12.95, Pelican Publishing Company)

He lived four centuries ago, but our first president’s good manners were timeless—and as applicable today as ever. That’s the premise of this handy, dandy little volume, which takes George Washington’s famous code of personal conduct, “The Rules of Civility,” and uses it to build an engaging, entertaining discourse on etiquette for a spectrum of modern social situations, including meetings and greetings, conversations, sporting events, dining, clothing and dressing, travel, parenting, even sickness and death. So this President’s Day, step out into the social world a bit more sure of yourself…by George!

Neil Pond, American Profile Magazine    

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