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Pop-Rockin’ Horns

Chicago still cranking out the brassy, jazzy, snazzy tunes


Chicago XXXVI (“Now”)


CD $14.98 (Frontiers Records)


The iconic pop-rock “horn band,” which first came together in 1967 as the Chicago Transit Authority and went on to climb the charts with “If You Leave Me Now,” “Saturday In The Park,” “Feelin’ Stronger Every Day” and dozens of other hits, now clicks off album number 36 (and continues the tradition of naming each release with sequential Roman numerals). Anchored by founding members Robert Lamm, Lee Lougnane, Walt Parazaider and James Pankow, they sound as classy, brassy, jazzy and snazzy as ever, giving these eleven new tunes sharp contemporary sizzle, but also a solid grounding in the group’s suave, swingin’ instantly recognizable style.

—Neil Pond, American Profile Magazine

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