Art All Around

Tour a great, sprawling gallery spread across time and space

ArtAndPlaceArt & Place

By the Editors of Phaidon

Hardcover, 368 pages ($79.95, Phaidon Press)

All the world, as Shakespeare famously wrote, is a stage. Well, it’s also an art gallery, a point driven home by this handsome guided tour of indoor and outdoor artwork spread across North, Central and South America, an amazing, unprecedented overview encompassing cave etchings, carvings, paintings, sculptures, mosaics, altars, tapestries, stained glass, “land art,” and the work of ancient civilizations, Colonial settlers, 19th century muralists and modern urban artists. With more than 800 large color photos and accompanying text, it’s an exhilarating affirmation of the many ways the creative spirit can blossom and spread over space and time.

—Neil Pond, American Profile Magazine

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