Squint Like Clint

Iconic 1973 Western made name for writer-director Clint Eastwood

HighPlainsDrifterHigh Plains Drifter: 40th Anniversary Edition

Blu-ray, $19.98 (Universal Studios Home Entertainment)

The main character didn’t have a name in his 1973 Western, but he certainly made one for Clint Eastwood. The “man with no name,” as he came to be called, became a pop icon of rugged, silent, vengeful Old West justice and helped establish Eastwood as an actor-director force in Hollywood. This new hi-res edition doesn’t have any special features (bummer!), but its charms are in its re-mastered clarity, which brings every dusty, squinty, sun-baked, sweat-soaked detail to vibrantly renewed life in the tale of a mysterious stranger of few words who helps a small, sin-ridden town rid itself of a violent band of outlaws.

—Neil Pond, American Profile Magazine

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