Not So Funny

A parable of fame and how far people will go for a taste of it

The King Of Comdy_BD

The King of Comedy

Blu-ray $24.99 (Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment)


Don’t be mislead by the title: There’s not a lot of ha-ha in this quirky tale of a would-be stand-up comedian (Robert De Niro) who kidnaps a successful New York City talk-show host (Jerry Lewis) to get a long shot a stardom. Directed by the great Martin Scorsese, it’s long been regarded as a prickly modern parable about the high price of fame and the extremes to which some people are willing to go for even a fleeting taste of it. This neat-o 30th anniversary Blu-ray package features interviews with the director and stars, a making-of documentary and deleted scenes.

 —Neil Pond, American Profile Magazine

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